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We provide management support to make informed decisions by quickly turning information into actionable, intelligent insight, thereby maximising the workshop profitability, and delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

About Us

Amatz Automotive Consultants is a specialist consulting firm that guides automotive dealerships to unleash their full Aftersales potential.

Our unique offering includes the bespoke development of processes suited to each dealership’s requirements, process-driven implementation, mentoring, and training.

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The Challenge

A dealership is a complicated business with the various departments mainly operating in silos.

Each department delivers large amounts of data on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Most often the Dealer Principal has no “hands-on” Parts and Service experience and lacks the insight into what their financial figures reveal.

Dealer Principals, Financial Managers, and Service Managers do not always measure the full scope of financial metrics available to them, are not always able to interpret the detail of what the numbers reveal, and most importantly, what actions are necessary.

The Strategy

The processes that influence the specifics of the financial metrics are very often not appropriately managed or reviewed, and in many cases are not documented and are performed at the whim of individual staff members.

The Solution

Educate and empower management to understand and interpret data via Basic Workshop Financial training.

Ensure that processes and policies are developed that drive efficient behaviours.

Coach and enable management to analyse data and make precise informed decisions that address lagging performance.

What Amatz Automotive Aftersales Consultants Offer


We evaluate the dealer facility and the workshop’s unique processes in all phases of the service process.

Process Solutions

Together with the dealership, we develop bespoke processes specifically designed for the Workshop’s unique Service procedures, deploy the bespoke solution, carry out follow-up ongoing assessments & evaluations to ensure full implementation.


Provide Workshop Financial Training, Frontline Training, Soft Skills Training, and bespoke Process Training, dependent on the client’s needs.

Customised Solutions

Develop specific training modules, moderate Customer Satisfaction interventions, and develop bespoke solutions dependent on the client’s needs including a Right 2 Repair Strategy

One-on-One Mentoring at Dealerships


Our rates are affordable and are tailored according to the clients briefing and requirements based on the following:


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