Service Advisor Best Practice – Vehicle Handover

From a Service Advisors perspective, these are Vehicle Handover Best Practice Suggestions.

Schedule customer collection appointments to minimise the end of the day rush. Stagger collection times to allow at least 10 minutes to be spent with each customer.
After the vehicle has been cleaned ensure it is reversed into a delivery bay.

Perform a final quality check before the customer arrival, inspecting the vehicle for cleanliness or damages as well as checking for any items that may have been disturbed during the repair process including clock or radio settings, and confirm that the Service Indicator is correctly set (where applicable).

Immediately return the vehicle to the workshop should any items that require further attention be identified

Make sure in advance that all paperwork is ready for customer on their arrival.

The detailed invoice, including vehicle health check, labour operations, parts, sublet charges, and all other fees as well as quality control paperwork must be complete and ready to present to the customer. Any “No Charge” work must be clearly indicated on the customer’s copy of the repair order.

Initiate engagement with the customer on their arrival. Review their invoice including the multi-point inspection sheet. Explain the work carried out detailing the parts replaced, asking the customer if they would like to inspect the replaced parts. Advise if future work has been identified. Confirm the date and kilometres of next service advising the customer that the service indicator has been reset (where applicable).

Handle dissatisfied customers away from waiting customers.

Escort the customer to cashier if applicable.

Escort the customer to their vehicle

Conduct a full-circle vehicle walk-around with the customer to confirm no damage has occurred and show the customer the vehicle has been cleaned and vacuumed. Highlight vehicle health check documentation to the customer.

Review the customer satisfaction survey process.

Thank the customer for doing business with you. Provide the customer with a business card and ask them to contact you should they have any concerns.

Follow up with the customer within 48 hours. (If the customer is not satisfied ensure that the issue is dealt with immediately).

Thank the customer for doing business with you, confirming the date and kilometres of next service.

In addition to the above process, the service advisor must follow up with all no show customers to determine the cause and to facilitate a new booking.

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1 thought on “Service Advisor Best Practice – Vehicle Handover”

  1. I just wanted to add some more important points for service advisor while delivering customer vehicle.
    1. If customer vehicle health condition is good then service advisor must be appreciated to customer tomaintain his vehicle.
    2. Inform to customer if he finds any problem in which he carried out from dealership, can be handled in repeat job, without any cost. (Clear Repeat job criteria)
    3. Service advisor must inform to customer, he will receive next due maintenance reminder through call / email /SMS from customer care department.

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