Dealership Revenue Optimisation

In the midst of Covid-19 lockdown and the reversal of the economy many dealerships are fearful for their future. Having being so focused on sales they are oblivious to the fact that their Aftersales division is the mainstay of the dealership. See my previous blogs for perspective:   Holding less stock and retrenching staff will …

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The Paradox of Aftersales

When asked what area of the dealership was the most important for the overall success of their business, many Dealer Principals respond with New and Used vehicle sales. However, that’s the wrong answer and is symptomatic of the industry where dealerships invest their time, energy, training and marketing in their New Vehicle Department, ignoring the …

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Dealership Growth & Survival Hinges on its Aftersales Performance

Most dealerships rely on the Service and Parts departments to bring in a fixed income great enough to cover the entire dealerships operating costs; hence the term Fixed Operations.

Fixed operations will become increasingly important to dealership growth & survival as the effects of Covid-19 take hold and will be compounded by the additional impact of the envisioned .

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