Workshop Profit

TIME, if not utilised, is gone forever!

Your Service Department’s resource is … TIME. Every Service Department endevour is a means to maximise the sale of its TIME or AVAILABLE HOURS. Time is the most difficult workshop discipline to manage. Lost time can never be recovered. Unlike the inventories in the Parts Division or New and Used Vehicle stock:  time is perishable. …

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Tyre Sales – An Inconvenience ?

Wheel Alignment & Tyre Sales – Increasing Dealership Revenue and Customer Satisfaction  What is the value of Wheel Alignment & Tyre sales to your dealership? Most dealers would answer this in terms of revenue and margin from the sale. Some might say additional work found when replacing the tyres (Disc/Brake Pads, shock absorber, etc.), whilst …

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Service Department Financial Indicators

There are numerous indicators available to management that contribute to an in-depth analysis of the financial health of the workshop. Each provides a detail that enables maximisation of workshop profit. Listed alphabetically below are typical examples of financial indicators in commonly use: Actual Turn-over as a % of Potential Turn-over Average Hours per Job Card …

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Dealership Service Department – Labour and Potential Income

The Workshop’s Potential Earnings are derived from selling labour hours, so it is important to understand how many potential hours are available for sale each day. Potential time available from technicians Technician                               9 hours Apprentice 1st Year                 2.25 hours Apprentice 2nd Year                4.5 hours Apprentice 3rd Year                 6.75 hours Apprentice 4th Year                 8 …

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